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A better .NET Facebook library

PM> Install-Package ComputerBeacon.Facebook

Strongly typed objects

 var u = new ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Graph.User("me", "access_token");

Strongly typed intellisense


var fql = new ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Fql.FqlContext("access_token");
var query = from a in fql.album
            where a.owner ==

Easily extend to new endpoints

 You can always call Api.Get() and Api.Post() manually:

var query = new Dictionary<string,string>();
query["access_token"] = "access_token";
query["limit"] = "5";

var jo = ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Api.Get("me", query);

//access the results using the returned JsonObject
string name = (string)jo["name"];
int timezone = (int)jo["timezone"];

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